CBD Isolate Tincture


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Our CBD tincture is formulated using only two ingredients: MCT oil and pure 99% CBD isolate, to ensure accurate dosing, potency, and quality. This tincture is based in Organic MCT oil making it extremely bioavailable. Our tincture contains no unnecessary or added ingredients like most other products on the market. Our product is clear, meaning it has no aversive flavor or color.

Our tinctures comes in 4 different milligram options including 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg, and 5000mg. Each bottle contains 30ml and comes with a graduated dropper, making it easy to accurately administer the desired dose.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, if you have question regarding use with specific aliments etc. We are happy to help answer any questions!

0% THC

Dosage breakdown per ml: 

1ml of 1000mg = 33.3mg

1ml of 2000mg = 66.6mg

1ml of 4000mg = 133.3mg

1ml of 5000mg = 166.7mg

All ORGANIC Ingredients: MCT oil, 99% CBD isolate

With our products you get the most bang for your buck, straight forward labels, and accurate representation of active CBD mg in each product, no misleading labels or diluted down products, just pure CBD. We put the consumer first!

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1000, 2000, 4000, 5000


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